Hello ! Welcome to my website. Over the last year i have noticed that at least half the viewer of this website speak English. At least half the people in Belgium and the Netherlands, who are half of my public, at least understand some English. 20% of the viewers of these pages are Americans and then there are many other countries in which the surfing community also understands English. I have there fore decided to change the language of these pages to English. I am still translating so please bear with me...

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This website

is about Watercolor or Aquarel as we call it. I decided to make a website because mostly my watercolors end up in a closet and stay there gathering dust except for a couple that i have framed and are decorating my walls. I decided that this was a shame so i started publishing. Soon after the first pages where published i noticed that some people are somewhat inspired and encouraged to try painting and drawing themselves. Now there's something that amazed me but i really like the idea of inspiring people.

Before I go in to this please note that this just describes some of the thoughts I have. I have the outmost respect for any religion or the beliefs of other people. I by no means imply that this is the truth. It just feels to me like an interesting possibility.

I do not believe that God looks like us. All pictures of god that I know of are interpretations of humans and are therefore biased. In fact I do not know if there is a God at all. I believe that we were meant to be uncertain about the existence of God. I do not believe that any of us have a clue even if some people are quite convinced. Hey, I could be just as wrong as the next guy but I will never pretend to know something if I don’t have any facts or proof whatsoever. If we are here to be judged it would be a bad idea to tell us that the headmaster is watching us all the time right? Better to let us get on with our business and see what we are made of without leaving a trace…

I like to believe that there is something more than us out there because there are too many why’s and how’s if it is not that are all but impossible to answer. Maybe there is no why and how. Maybe there’s no spoon too…

On the 20th of januari 1998 I had some very unusual thoughts. I was thinking about God and imagining what it would be like to be omnipotent and all-knowing. Strange enough I came to the conclusion that it must be boring like hell. Their is nothing you can think of that can surprise you because you know what your going to think of before you think it. There is nothing worth doing because you know what it will be like and how it will turn out. There is nothing you can create because you are everything and everything is you.

Watercolor painting techniques – Where you can learn to paint

Learning watercolor painting is something that you can pick up at any time in your life. History has actually given some late-blooming artists that managed to impress with their art even if they started drawing in their late ‘50s. To make this more than just a regular pastime you have to spend some time learning the basic techniques. Once you master these simple steps, you will be able to impress even your pickiest critics, whether they are your friends, escorts from 6annonce or family members.

The basics of watercolor painting

As it is with every artistic discipline you need to have a clear understanding of the basic concepts. When it comes to watercolor painting, you must know your materials, the main color theory and how to apply different layers of paint. Your first trials will be nothing more than mere drawings. However, before you know it, you will be able to easily depict spectacular landscapes or draw acrylic portraits of your escort Paris.

The essential materials for watercolor painting are ground pigments, oil colors and brushes made with natural hair. The basic color theory of this artistic niche is “fat-over-lean”, a rule that speaks for itself and demands that you always apply oily paints over dry layers of pigment. Whether you draw simple shapes or intricate depictions of your escorts, you must always follow this simple law that guarantees esthetic success.

Learn these techniques for realistic drawings

One of the most used techniques in watercolor painting is splattering. This results in tiny smudges that come together to represent the blooming foliage of a tree. Very often, this technique is used to depict Japanese landscapes where the cherry trees blossom to create spectacular spring sceneries. Such paintings always attract art lovers and you can make a nice profit by selling them. Later, you can use these earnings to take your escort Paris from on a trip to Japan and admire the marvelous Sakura trees that inspired you.

Most artists spend years in developing their portrait-painting style. This is probably the most sought for technique and also the hardest to master. However, once you learn how to transform the beautiful traits of your escorts into realistic paintings, you can call yourself an accomplished painter. These lovely girls are big art lovers and always look to take part in creative projects. Therefore, you should always consider using them as models for your watercolor canvases.

Where you can develop your skills

Picking up watercolor painting at home might be the ideal hobby for your free time. If you want to make the best out of this experience hire an escort Paris to assist you in this pastime activity. She can act as both a model and a critic of your art. This way, you will always benefit from a reliable feedback that will help you improve your technique and your talent.

Painting at home can easily lead to procrastination and an eventual stop to your watercolor art goals. Practicing this craft with other fellow artists might prevent this sad situation. A good idea would be to join an art club where you and your escorts can meet up, socialize and paint together. This will fortify your friendship and it will help you maintain your passion for this newly-found hobby.

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